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About Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs have become very popular nowadays. These mostly handwoven carpets were produced in the early 1960s. It is mostly known as Turkish and Persian rugs. almost carpets with different quality yarns and fabrics in more than 20 locations in Turkey are still in touch today. Also, the unique type and quality of weaving in Turkish carpets have given themselves a very important place in the history of the carpet. In addition to these, Persian rugs are also a very popular hand-woven carpet type. The most important difference between Persian carpets from Turkish carpets is their weaving quality. There are very important models of Persian carpets that are still woven today. Persian and Turkish carpets can be seen in most known places. Hand-woven rugs were completed in different sizes by the artist who weaved the carpet. No matter how large these dimensions are, each carpet weaver is ordered by the artist to weave a width of 1 meter. For example, carpets to be woven with a width of 5 meters can be completed by 5 people in 1 month. Likewise, the carpet, which is planned to be woven with a width of 10 meters, is completed by 10 people and can be finished within an average of 1 month. The value of carpets varies according to their size. Large woven carpets will have a higher value as they require more labor and knowledge. The measurements for the most important carpets are; Runner, entrance carpet, area carpet, side size carpet, very large size carpets. These carpets, which can be combined very well with luxury homes, modern and minimally designed spaces today, undoubtedly decorate the kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, entrance hall, or bedrooms beautifully.

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