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Cleaning & Using

Taking care of hand knotted rugs may require some information. Here are some tips for you.


Cleaning period of Handmade wool rugs are much easier due to wool itself do the job agains all dirts instead of syntethic products. Most of our rugs are fully shaved and have just a little thickness. Also wool ropes are not store dirt in their deep fibers.

Vacuuming once a week should be enough for handknotted rugs. Also wool rugs are usually looks more clean in a longer period. However when you use rottary head of vacuum, it may cause minor wear down. Use vacuum head instead of rotary head if it is possible.

In every 2-4 years, professional cleaning car might be necessary for you. It is depending on condition  uses. Dry clean and Steam clean may damage the rug. The rug most likely lost its shape after hot cleaning and drying. Addition to that you can clean it yourself with shampoo or bath soap. Take your soft brush and rub it gently. Make sure that the rug is rinsed fully without any residual inside of ropes. Let it dry a few days.

If you are spilled liquid beverage, you should take a towel quickly in order to prevent penetration. After that we highly recommend using water+soap mixing by using soft sponge or cloth in order to soak the dirt out. However in some cases this may not be enough. So you can try commercial wool friendly cleaners but make sure that its for wool fibres. Before you use, try it small area. If it doesn’t damage the rug, you can use in larger areas. You can take the professional care option if you didn’t success with cleaning yourself. Make sure that professional cleaning process doesn’t apply steam and hot wash onto the rug.

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Antique Goods

When you need to clean antique and vintage collection items, you should avoid using harsh chemical products. Especially copper, wood and other metal item should be cleaned with diuted soap and soft cloth. You should make sure that it is rinse with just water in order to stop corrosion.

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