We bring you Anatolian rugs, the symbol of ancient handicrafts, handed down from generation to generation.


All of our hand-woven carpets are handled by local craftsman with great care, without damaging their natural state, and are ready for sale.

Ethnic & Organic

We believe that hand knooted rugs are almost cultural heritages that transform your place to an art gallery.

The True Story From Middle Anatolia

About our story

Our story started by producing hand-woven rugs in a small workshop and collecting handmade rugs and kilims from different regions of Anatolia about 60 years ago.
Our logo were inspired by the horse carriages used by carpet and antique collectors at that time. We continue our work by blending the spirit of those times with the needs of our age and customer satisfaction.

With their timeless motifs and vintage looking designs, vintage rugs and runners has always been one of the most unique choice of the interior designers. We prepare sunbathes for our hand knotted rugs, this acts like a natural sterilization with the help of sun heat and wind, and gives them their distinctive look.



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