DIANA Boho Rug, 2×3 Rug


One of a kind

Handknotted 50-60 years old

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DIANA, a beautiful high quality boho rug. The rug is 1.93ft (59 cm) width and 3.31ft (101 cm) length. The average age of rug is more than 40 years.
It has been transformed into a work of art by local carpet artists using natural wool, organic yarn and organic dyestuffs.
The product is very finely woven and extremely durable.

Were you aware of how popular a style of rug can be and then it seems like everyone has the same rug in their home? This may not be a problem for you, but if so, vintage boho rugs are the solution.

We all know how versatile boho rugs can be when it comes to home decor. They’ll pull your color scheme together, trim your furniture, provide warmth and comfort, and even move from room to room.

Boho rugs are often one-of-a-kind. As a result, the Boho rug you want for your home is unlikely to be in your friends’ homes because the same boho rug is hard to find.

The greatest quality of an old rug is that it lasts a long time. An old rug is a much-loved and valuable item that has stood the test of time. With proper treatment, it can be turned into an antique item that has been loved for generations.

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Let us assist you in choosing a boho rug.

When looking for a boho rug, keep in mind that they come in a wide variety of sizes, making these rugs suitable for any room. Runners are ideal for hallways, but they look great in the kitchen or entryway. Larger rugs are ideal for use in living rooms and bedrooms.

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The size you like may be small for the area you choose. Is this the case though? Lay a nice boho rug over a larger solid color (jute or straw) rug for a custom look. Yes, it’s perfectly legal (many do it) and it will look great if you choose the right combination. In this way, you can give your home a unique look with stylish, hand-woven boho rugs.

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